2014 – A statement about the delayed opening on July 5, 2014

While we plan to be open every Saturday, rain or shine, inclement weather in this open-air market can make closures, delays, and/or cancellations possible. With regard to the personal safety of vendors, patrons, and the general public Market Management will determine if or when a closure, delay, and/or cancellation of the Market is imminent. Because of the variable nature of a potential emergency or urgent situation, we ask vendors, patrons, and the general public to please be on alert and adhere to the direction given in the emergency or urgent situation. If time permits, we will broadcast any information about closures, delays, or cancellations via local media and The Market social media outlets in addition to this website.

In the case of emergency weather conditions, the safety of our patrons, vendors(and their employees), volunteers, and staff is our first priority. On any given Saturday, The Market has more than 200 vendors and 20,000 visitors spanning more than nine city blocks; we take their safety very seriously and make decisions accordingly. On July 5, 2014 the opening of The Downtown Farmers’ Market was delayed until 10 a.m. because of lightning, heavy rain, and high winds.

Although some decisions may not be popular, any action taken by management is made in an effort to ensure the safety of patrons, vendors(and their employees), staff, and volunteers.